I'm a Prague based director, editor and video maker. I enjoy working in a wider range of media, looking for a sense of detail, sometimes exaggeration or metaphor.
In every part of my work I use all my experiences from my fine arts studies, graphic design or working in front of a camera and like a producer. I collaborate on creative audiovisual projects such as commercial videos and commercials, documentaries or music videos. 
A feature film debut, the “A journey like no other”, opened the international Finále Plzeň 2019 film festival, where it was premiered and was awarded on International festival of Outdoor films Czech Republic. The award-winning student short film “ They Flew There with Zeppelin” about a highly guarded military facility, whose function is hardly known to the locals, was screened by the Jihlava IDFF or the French La Pellicule Ensorcelée.
Brands/clients: Klik.cz, Hornbach, CzechTourism, Makro, Tv Prima, Stará Myslivecká, Vivantis, ČZU, Durchblicker
+420 734 707 820
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